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    July 2005: Sample blast annotation of preliminary Daphnia genome. Daphnia Genomics Consortium members can view full preliminary genome maps.

    May 2005: Genome sequence traces are available for the Daphnia pulex genome at NCBI Trace Archive. These can be searched with BLAST at the NCBI Trace Archive.

    April 5, 2004: Added D. magna EST blast results to /genomics/. Blast results against euGenes database was conducted on March 23, 2004, and were incorporated within the previous results obtained for D. pulex and D. arenata (Daphnia EST x eukaryote protein coding genes; Daphnia EST x eukaryote genomes).

    March 8, 2004: The Daphnia Genomics Information Database is now available. Please contact John Colbourne if you have genomic data to contribute to wFleaBase. For information about this service, refer to Reference Manual 1.

wFleaBase will maintain listings of announcements and news of interest to the Daphnia community. Please submit relevent information as plain text files to "daphnia AT" with the subject heading "wFleaBase-announce".