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Index of /release1/dpulex_jgi060905/bacteria

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[DIR] Parent Directory 09-Apr-2019 09:22 - [   ] dpulex1_gnomon_bacterial_genes.aa.fa.gz 24-Oct-2007 14:50 553k [   ] dpulex1_gnomon_bacterial_genes.gff.gz 05-Aug-2007 16:33 84k [   ] dpulex1_gnomon_bacterial_genes.mrna.fa.gz 24-Oct-2007 14:51 819k [TXT] dpulex_jgi060905_possible_bacterial.txt 10-Jul-2007 15:01 100k 2006.09 assembly annotations, EST and data

This is a set of bacterial genes included in the Daphnia pulex
initial draft assembly.  

dpulex_jgi060905_possible_bacterial.txt  : list of 3889 scaffolds that are likely bacterial origin.
  A few of these also have possible eukaryote genes, but most appear bacterial only.
  Note that these scaffolds remain in the full genome assembly fasta here (../genome_assembly/)
  A smaller set of bacterial scaffolds (700) were removed prior to assembly. Find in

dpulex1_gnomon_bacterial_genes.gff.gz    : Gnomon predicted 3622 genes from bacterial scaffolds,
	flagged by Gmonon as bacterial in origin.  A subset (~ 10%) include Dbxref and protein_hit
        information.  There are no scaffolds outside the dpulex_jgi060905_possible_bacterial list.
dpulex1_gnomon_bacterial_genes.aa.fa.gz  :  protein translation of these bacterial genes
dpulex1_gnomon_bacterial_genes.mrna.fa.gz:  transcript predictions of these bacterial genes